Seven Arrows

Yesterday we were at a friends birthday lunch.

I found this book: Seven Arrows by Hyemeyohsts Storm.

My 2 sons and I sat down and poured through it.

So many opportunities for conversation. Especially great, as my 5 year old has been speaking and experimenting with mandalas recently. There are many examples of these whole circles – filled with messages and meaning.

Seven Arrows                                     mandala - stones

mandala - sunset                                         2015-06-11 12.03.45


Pregnancy and early parenting support mornings

In my professional capacity, I, together with 2 amazing women, Lynne and Daphne are holding monthly tea mornings for and with pregnant and new mothers and fathers …..

I will write more about these mornings and the concept around them soon.

For now though, here is the facebook page:

Artemis Health   jess c

Today – many years later

Its August 2015 and a long time since this blog has been active, since my last blog in 2011, I have become a mother again so i now have 2 boys and a girl, I have qualified as a midwife and am now 33. I no longer make clothes out of off cuts (except for my own family).

I felt like I would carry on using this scrapskisskiss site because I would like to think that I am not clogging up the internet by starting another whole blog and I thought the past is important and I could simply use it to track my own life. Also scraps feels like a good descriptive word – what I put down here will be scraps; bits and pieces of my life.

I would now like to use this blog as a way to share my thoughts on motherhood, being a midwife and my general ideas, feelings, musings on life.