my family

my family on our farm, i think i was about 6….
i love all my family photos so much, i think memories so are important in our lives.


sewing paper bags and lots more because today is the day

Home and more 050

i have started making my own bags for my clothes to go in when I sell them.
i am using old books that we find at paper recycling, or second hand shops.
then i stitch them up with my sewing machine. its fun and interesting.


some more paper fun is this streamer i made for marc, now its up in our new house, which is so beautiful and we have lived in it for a month already and time just flies so now finally i can put some lovely ‘new house’ pictures here:

Home and more 030

Home and more 032

and some new items inspired by a new house:

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summer time soon.

Home and more 040

and, just because i love it!

braces rock.

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a message from a friend and a tiger tattoo

a while ago my friend, Julia, gave me a bag of old clothes to use for scraps.
this is the message that came with it, it’s so sweet:

Yay! Got some stuff for you, will hand it over when i see you or marc. So cool to think of some little ethan type guy running around in my gap jeans that i wore everywhere for 2 years. 🙂



Marc drew this on Ethan’s arm, a real tattoo!
Ethan is away in London on holiday, i miss him.


Ethan wears white T with Scraps silkscreen print.